Friday, 6 December 2013

The Man by Bill Thomas

I had a glimpse of a man in glory,
Resplendent in majesty, seated on a royal throne.
A cross on a hillside, an agonizing death,
Abandoned by God, suffering alone.
I saw a man walking on the street with his friends,
A hesitant woman touching his coat;
Rebuking his disciples, rebuking the waves,
Calming the storm and keeping them afloat.
A man besieged by demons praising the Lord,
Demented swine flying to the sea at his word.
A temple in uproar as he sets about his foes,
Upsetting the tables everywhere he goes.
A girl, still in death, opens her eyes,
A perfumed jar of nard poured upon his feet,
A man, lame from birth, ordered to arise;
A man, just like me, at the mercy seat.
A man seeking righteousness, lamenting at the cost,
A man giving everything to seek and save the lost.
A woman at a well, many a man's wife,
Given living water, drinking everlasting life.
A man, blind from birth, a man with leprous skin,
Healed at a touch,and forgiven for their sin.
Thousands on a hillside, amazement in their eyes,
Pharisees and scribes rejoicing in their lies.
A barbarous crown of thorns, a cruel cross of wood;
Angels stand in silence, hardly understood,
A tomb lying empty. Rolled away, the stone,
Now seated in glory, this man upon his royal throne.

By Bill Thomas


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