Tuesday, 8 October 2013

From A Park Bench - Rich Young Ruler

The rich young ruler came to Christ looking for reassurance, he desired those words of affirmation, his question, “Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?” was a open invitation to Jesus for him to confirm that all his good works and self-righteous law keeping would be enough for him to gain eternal life.

The ruler had fallen for the deception that there was some good he could do that could purchase him eternal life. The law was never given for the purpose of producing salvation, but rather the laws intent was to show mankind their exceeding sinfulness, so we would despair to trying to save ourselves and would trust in a savior.

Here is performance based salvation or in other words religion. The scenario that we often hear prayed at any prayer meeting in the land, “Lord, if I do my part, I will believe you will do your part.” NO, God’s blessings and grace to me is not based on my actions or performance, it is based on the finished work of Christ at the cross. All Christ won for me at the cross is a free gift to me and is independent of me ‘doing my part.”

I believe his grace and receive it by faith, which is my positive response to all he has provided. Faith is not a force, a work, an effort but a heart felt thank you. Just remember Christmas day as a child when you opened the best present you had ever been given and with joy and a bursting heart you said thank you to the best parents in the world. That is faith.

The rich young ruler wanted words of reassurance but he needed a savior. He wanted to achieve everything by effort but he needed to give everything up. Self effort and works lead to death, but believing and trusting in Christ leads to eternal life.

He turned to face me
He offered hope.

The loss of image
The strength that I might know.

Need to be clean

Need to know

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  1. heh, and god asking you to do the one thing you are unwilling to do...to give up that last idol in your life....smiles....


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