Tuesday, 15 October 2013

From A Park Bench - Christ is the Source

A few years ago, way back in my early twenties I went with a few friends on the River Thames for a boating holiday. This turned out to be one of those things you do with a few mates.  Nothing too dangerous, but during the holiday I became curious to discover the origins of the great river. Where was the source of the river Thames?

We followed the maps and guide books and eventually found this trickling stream. It seemed almost unbelievable that such an insignificant, tiny stream could flow down the English countryside and become the greatest river in England. The streams final destination was the mighty North Sea. From such small beginnings came a great and mighty river.

Christ whispers to everyone one of us, “I am your source. Trust me for everything.”  This in our 21st Century world seems insane, how can trust in a person put to death, 2000 years ago be the source for all we need. But just like the insignificant trickle that was the source of the Thames, so trusting Christ’s death at Calvary is the only act that can reconcile us back to God.

God grace is an overflowing, cascading river of goodness that flows right into the heart of every man. It is there, every moment of every second available to those who receive it. 

We cannot earn it, we do not deserve it, we receive it freely as a gift, because He is good, because He was faithful, He took what we deserved and gave us what He deserved.

He endured the cross for us, so that In Christ we could have restoration, healing, protection, security, peace, prosperity, wholeness, forgiveness and all the blessings and riches of heaven. Grace is not a doctrine it is a person, grace is Christ.

His unconditional love is a stream of never ending, glorious grace forever flowing to us.

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