Saturday, 11 January 2020

The Fire of God.

The safest place to be is in the centre  of God's fire.
In the centre of God's fire the enemy is unable to stand.
In the centre of God's fire we are made invincible.
For in the centre of God's fire Christ dwells and Christ dwells in us.

The storms may ravage and bluster but you are safe in the centre of God's fire.
You are protected and sheltered in the refuge of God's fire.
For the fire of God burns with the presence of the Holy Spirit.
The presence brings us fullness of life and never consumes us.
And this fire of the presence of God is the fire of our heart.
As the psalmist wrote:-
"My heart is on fire, burning over with passion." - Psalm 45:1.

For the depths of God are alive with His passion and his delight.
His passion is consumed with His fire
His delight is filled with His fire
For the glory of God's presence is alive with His fire.
Nothing can stand before the fire of God
Nothing can stop the fire of the Holy Spirit.
In Christ we are burning with the fire and glory of God.
The fire of God dwells in us.
The fire if the Holy Spirit ignites our hearts.
The centre of the fire of the Holy Spirit is our hearts .
In Christ we have become the furnace of the fire of God.
In Christ we experience and manifested the glory and the fire of God.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Love is Not a Formula

Love is not a formula.

It is not a mathematical calculation or an academic exercise or a theological assertion.  It cannot be found in prescribed devotion or calculated study. You cannot steal it, you cannot not hold it captive and you cannot manufacture it. For love is responsive,  reckless and passionate.

Love is consumed with burning desire.

Desire comes from delighting in the beauty and splendour of our affection.
The burning desire to listen, for every whisper of love makes our heart beat.
The burning desire to look into the eyes of love, for every glance fills us with courage.
The burning desire to be entangled with beauty, for every touch fills us with confident hope.
The burning desire to step into the awareness of the love God ravishes upon us.

For the burning desire of Christ is us.

Christ comes to allure us.
Christ comes to us to awaken us to love.
His thoughts to us are to pour out his gladness and pleasure upon and into us.
For Christ's love pardons our sin and forgives our wayward affections.
Christ's love showers us with heaven's inheritance.
Christ's love empowers us with His grace.
Christ's love comes to us in an intoxicating kiss.
Christ's love is planted into the heart of Man.
Christ's love is devoted to you.
Christ's love given freely far exceeds all other loves.
For Christ loves us with an everlasting love.
A love that embraces us through the ages.
A love that holds us in His desire
A love that keeps us in His delight.
A love that allures us into His burning heart of passion for us.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

The Cosmic Story

The bible is a cosmic story about death and rebirth.

From the very first words out of chaos and darkness, life and light were created.

It is a thread of crimson that is woven into the heart of creation.

From Noah reborn from the deluge, Abraham reborn into the promise, Isaac born from barreness. 

Israel reborn from Egypt, Esther reborn from captivity, Nineveh reborn through repentance and Jesus born from the light.

God is all about creating life from the grip of death.

It is in times of this grip of darkness that God shines light into the confusion we make of this life
It was the prophet Jonah rescued in the belly of a great fish that revealed the dilemma of mankind. “Those who regard and follow worthless idols. Turn away from their [living source of] mercy and lovingkindness.” – Jonah 2:8.

Jesus said the same thing, “Lose your life and you will find it.”

Paul said, “ I am crucified with Christ : nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” – Galatians 2:20

And that is how creation works, the old dies and the new brings forth new life.

Life comes through death.

Life out of chaos

Light out of darkness

Completeness out of emptiness

God reaching out in his unconditional love and embracing us in our darkness.

And this embracing of us is passionate. It was a burning fire of desire for intimacy with the delight of His heart.

It is Gods consuming glory and infinite love that ignited the cosmos from chaos into glorious life.

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Jesus Is The Solution.

Jesus's life was a demonstration of how things are done in heaven.
His life was a declaration of God's way of thinking.
His life was a language that was not spoken on the earth before.
His life was constantly vulnerable to the majesty of God.

Jesus was the promise and provision  to every problem on earth.
Jesus was the answer.
Jesus is the solution.
Jesus is the positive heart of God to mankind .
Jesus was the full manifestation of God's provision to the world.

He healed everyone who came to him.
He set free all those who came to him in captivity.
He opened blind eyes, opened deaf ears and he set free the tongue to speak and declare the goodness of God.
He provided food for thousands of people with two loaves of bread and five fishes.
He brought the dead back to life.
He refused to condemn those that the religious wanted to kill.
He showed us what it is to be dead to sin and alive to God.
He embraced the rejected.
He showed us that every problem was an opportunity for God to work in your life.

And today "As He is so are we in this world "
He rescued us so that we could live in victory.
He seated us in heavenly places in him, so we could bring heaven to earth.
He filled us with the resurrection power of God so we could bring the majesty of God to the world.
He made us complete in him so we could bring completeness to the earth.
He made us whole in him so we could release his wholeness to everyone.
He gave us the solution so we could be the solution.
For Christ in you is the demonstration of heaven now alive in the earth.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

A Reconciled Cosmos

Creation is made in the heart of God. From the stars in the sky to the soil beneath our feet and from the air that we breathe to the blood in our veins, we are made in the image of God. Our existence is dependent upon the manifestation of God’s love, everything - from an whale to an amoeba  and from the vastness of the sky to a molecule - has been crafted,  planned and made to express the glory of God.  Where there is life there is the creator.  And where there is the creator there is Christ. All life is connected to Christ because all life originates from Christ.

It was this life that Christ came to redeem.  In everything Jesus did and every word he said was from the passion of his creation.  His miracles are a guarantee of a Redeemed Cosmos.  His miracles were a demonstration of God's love and favour. His death was the final judgement of human sin and with this one act at the cross he forever removed the curse of creation. His resurrection was the beginning of the transformation of the heavens and the earth.  The empty tomb declares that death and everything associated with death has been defeated and that we live in the New day of His victory.  We have a new name, a new life, a new conciousness,  a new covenant and a new identity in Christ.

For now in Christ the cosmos has been reconciled.  Everything that Christ did declared that heaven has now invaded earth. That in Christ God has taken up his home with man and has moved from heaven and now dwells within man.

And this is the declaration of Christ, that we are now the children of God and that as He is so now are we .

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

God Believes In You

God believes in you.  God believes in the New Creation life that is now you. You are God's masterpiece, created holy and righteous in Christ Jesus. God delights in you and is totally and utterly committed to you. He has no doubts about you because you have been created NEW in Christ.  Christ has empowered your heart. God's glory lives in you and His light radiates and bursts into victorious triumph in your life. You are united into the resurrection power of God and his infinite love is the truth of his promise to you. God believes in you, for you are a New Creation in Christ. You are his trophy of the victory of the cross.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

God Comes To Us

God comes to us as a sweet fragrance
He comes to us as a column of smoke
He comes to us as the morning dew
He comes to us to entice our senses
To ignite our desire
To penetrate our walls of self reliance
He comes to us as a consuming fire
To burn away the dross
To burn away our worldly perception
To burn away the dead wood of unbelief
To burn away the lies of self effort
His fragrance wafts into our senses to create a longing to be with him.
And it is His fragrance, Christ's fragrance in us that we give to everyone and everything thing we touch and connect with in every day life.

For In Christ we are the fragrance of heaven in a corrupted world.
We are the sweet perfume of the unconditional love of God to those that are crying, desperate and alone.
We are the fragrance of healing and restoration for those lost and without hope.
We are the fragrance of hope.
We are the fragrance of the unconditional love of God.
For Christ did not come into the world to condemn the world but to give us the very life of God in a New Creation of his love and life.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Create a Kaleidoscope of Colour in Life

If you can embrace the truth of your union with Christ, you will begin to see life from a completely new perspective.  It is challenging, but the reward is a total liberation into the grace of God.

Try this. Assume that God has forgiven every one of their sins? Suddenly you will start to look at people, things, and events differently. If you assume a positive message of reconciliation between God and man life little by little starts to well up into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and the black and white world begins to look very old hat.

We all need to see colour, a beautiful prism of how we are wonderfully and beautifully created. Are original state back in the Garden of Pleasure was the mirror image of a vibrant, creative, wonderful, joyous, energetic, delightful, hopeful,  excited God.  Colour is just us going back to our original state.

We are easily tainted by the deceitfulness of the world, but our true nature is to live in the fullness of God. So that in all we do an in all we show we experience the glory of our new creation. In effect our view of God and life creates the way we view everyone around us.

Every interaction is an opportunity for you to see the life of creation in others. Every interaction is a chance for you to believe that God has forgiven everyone their sins.  Knowing that God in Christ is not counting sins against us is the message of Gods favour that brings us into harmony with himself.

Look around are the people who you come in contact with, and see them as forgiven. When they do bad things, when they act badly towards you, remember they are forgiven. When you can’t understand why they are acting like they are towards you, just remember their sins are not being counted against them.

Assume the office of being a reconciler and begin to flourish in the freedom of forgiveness.

Everybody you come in touch with, those that cut you up on the motorway, those that push ahead of you in the queue, those that tell lies about you to make themselves popular, all have been forgiven at the cross, before they were born.

When we begin to view everyone as loved by God, forgiven by God, we start to see the awesome potential in each other’s lives and that potential begins inside us.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Six Questions to Get Your Emotions and Thoughts Closer with God.

God does not communicate with us the way we commonly know and understand ‘communication’. Now this may seem strange at first, but God is infinitely more intimate with us than any other relationship in our lives. In fact, what we think as a close relationship is actually still quite distant when compared to God. If you consider that in reality we don’t know the thoughts of the people we love the most and they don’t know our thoughts. We can hide feelings of love and anger from each other deep within our hearts.

But with God, this form of communication does not work, because the Holy Spirit is far more intimate with us and God.  When come into relationship with God we actually become entwined in God, His Spirit becomes our spirit. He communicates to from His Spirit. He speaks to us Spirit to our heart.

It takes time to cultivate a unique place in our hearts and therefore our minds. A place where the inner voice of God goes beyond verbal tones and comes on a frequency that runs through our spirit into our hearts. For this communication is the vast mystery of our divine new creation relationship with Christ.

So here in the mystery of God’s voice within us, how do we let God in and let his grace work in our hearts? How do we tune our hearts to his frequency? To begin with we need to open our hearts to his Spirit and here are a six questions we can ask ourselves to help us :-

1.      Do I let God reveal to me how right I am with him in Christ Jesus?

In other words, I am a New Creation in Christ Jesus.
Christ has given me his new life and I am alive to Christ and dead to sin.
In fact, Paul tells me in Ephesians 4:23 “that I am holy and righteous in Christ Jesus”.
To hear God’s voice effectively in my heart I need to let God reveal to me my New Creation reality and give him permission to change and renew my mind to come in alignment with the truth of the finished work of Christ.
The more I let God reveal Christ to me, the more I can know that “As He is so now am I.

2.       Do I give God an opportunity to be God?

Every moment is an opportunity for God to speak and connect with me.
Too often we so consumed with the influence of the world and the busyness of life we forget that the God who created the universe lives in us.
It is easily done, but it is easily rectified.
In every moment let go and let God be God to you.
Let you consciousness be full of Christ and free from the world.

3.       Do I give myself chances – or do I easily write myself off?

Every day is a new beginning; every moment is the first step forward.
God is totally committed to you and He has promised never to leave you or forsake you.
Thank him for his forgiveness and your eternal redemption
Thank you for his love and his new life inside your heart
Thank him that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.

4.       Do I give myself permission to drink as deeply from Christ as I desire?

Remind yourself that you no longer have to wait.
That you have an overflowing river of the Holy Spirit living in you.
You can dive in and be soaked by God’s presence and glory at any time
You have the bottomless well of God’s grace in your heart.
This seems almost too good to be true, so remind yourself to the truth of the resurrection power alive in you.
Give yourself permission to drink from the river of God’s life within you.

5.       Do I know His power alive in me, in the midst of daily life?

Life flows from your thoughts and comes out in your words
The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in you.
Relax, connect and acknowledge God’s power alive in you.
Let your mind and emotions live in the fullness of Christ.
For God can do exceedingly, abundantly above all you could ask or think according to the power that works within you.

6.       Do I let my heart respond to His unconditional love working in me?

You are loved unconditionally by God, you are his beloved child.
It is time to love yourself.
God loves you, so love yourself in Christ.
You are amazing, beloved, precious, beautiful, captivating and the delight of Gods heart.
You are prize that Christ came and died for,
You are incredibly and wonderfully created to be loved by the infinite God
You are loved, love your self
For you are a son or daughter of God.

Let Christ sow his word seeds into your heart, so he can produce a harvest of his grace, healing and provision which you can reap in your life. As you relax and rest in his words for you, you will find that your confidence in Christ will grow, your trust in his commitment to you will be established in you, and your delight in your heart will start to overflow when you experience His delight in you. For the truth of who you are as a New Creation in Christ will motivate and capture your heart and emotions so that you can begin to know and experience the height, breadth, length and width of the love of God.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Your Heart is God's Garden

In Christ your heart is God's garden.
Your heart is a New Creation garden of His good soil.
God is bringing forth the blossoms that you could not produce.
He has planted the seed into the good soil of your heart.
And it will grow and produce good fruit.
For your heart is full of the unconditional love of God.
Your heart is full of the unfailing love of God
And the seed of God's grace has been buried deep into the good soil of your heart
You have been rooted into the kindness of God
You have been planted into the faithfulness of God
You have been hidden into the desire of God.
You have been deposited into the passion of God
And the Holy Spirit comes as the summer rain to water and nourish and nurture  the seed of Christ in your heart.
The living water of the Holy Spirit in you brings growth and transformation to every seed of grace planted in you.
The branches of your hope celebrate the goodness of God.
Every leaf that grows in you springs forth with fullness of joy in knowing and acknowledging Christ.
You are free.
Free to stretch forth and soak in the sun of heaven
Free to be who God created you to be
Free to let the gentleness of God radiate in your life.
For Christ moves in you
Christ lives in you
Christ sustains you
Christ is planted in you
And you are complete in Christ
God in Christ is always good to you
God in Christ is bringing forth the blossoms that you could not produce.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Keep Your Back straight and Your Arms even

This was the advice my physio gave to me after my year long sessions came to an end.
“Always make sure that when you stand, keep your back straight and your arms even.”
The simple act of keeping your back in correct alignment with your body.
The better that alignment of your body is the better you hold yourself.
Alignment with the correct posture is a physical must.
Alignment with the truth of who we are in Christ is a spiritual must.
For knowing the truth will set us free and alignment to that truth will encourage us to stand.
For knowing the truth is an awakening, coming alive to the work of redemption paid for us in Christ.
For living the truth is liberation.  Freedom is the gift of Christ to us, renewing our mind and thoughts with the truth.
For in our New Creation life we have God’s presence living inside us.
For in our New Creation life we have the power of the resurrection living inside us.
For in our New Creation life we have a river of living Holy Spirit water flowing inside us.
For in our New Creation life Christ now abides in us and we are complete in him.
For in our New Creation life Christ has made us his dwelling place
For in our New Creation life the glory of God lives in us.
For in our New Creation life we are sons and daughters of God.
For in our New Creation life Christ keeps our back straight and lifts us up to be seated with him heavenly places.

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Amidst the Chaos God is Speaking

Amidst all the chaos of life we are given the opportunity for liberation. Each one of us has the perfection of this very moment. For now the Kingdom of Heaven has been birthed and planted into everyone that has become a New Creation in Christ. What our heart desires lies within us: and the fullness of Christ lies within our hearts.

The stark naked truth is that everyone in Christ has the manifestation and glory of God resident within them. This is the truth that can change the world and the realisation has the power to change the way we believe, think and act.

When you see Christ in every believer, all separation dissolves. For the life of Christ alive in us goes beyond gender, race, culture, class, wealth, job-title or any other label, all boundaries evaporate and you find your life in the ocean of God’s grace and liberation given to us in Christ.

Every moment is an opportunity to awaken and live in our true identity in Christ. The trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in sacred oneness in wholeness inside our heart and God is an adventure into His love poured out into every aspect of existence.

God is speaking to us in those everyday events that seem insignificant, those magical moments, those mundane seconds, those simple acts that make up each minute of every day.

You can strike up a conversation with God whenever you want, in the supermarket, in the car, on a park bench, waiting for a train, in the queue for a sandwich, busy, hectic, noisy, quiet or still it does not matter, makes no difference, God is there interested and wanting to talk, all you have to do is listen.

For God is not something you search for. God is the New Creation reality alive within us, when all separation between us and the Holy Spirit dissolves in the truth of the finished work of Christ.

In deep union with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, there is a holy marriage, which awakens our heart and senses to our restoration and wholeness in Christ. When we stop searching, seeking and fighting for a connection with God and live in the peace and freedom of Christ’s life alive within us, it will be increasing apparent that God is speaking us all and all of us can hear and receive the words of God.

Thursday, 20 June 2019


Jesus is Life…and that means there is no death in Him at all! He is exuberant, joyful, fulfilling, ever-blessing and ever-refreshing life..

His very life is our life, sustaining and carrying us along in Life. His Spirit of Life gave us our breath.

In Him is no death – this tells me He is never, ever destroying me, hurting me, tearing me down, crushing me, or sucking the joy or vigor from me – NO! He is always building me up, invigorating me, filling and fulfilling me!

Jesus said eternal life is knowing Him, and to be part of His very life, eternal and immutable, is to know Him with a depth of intimacy that I can’t even fathom.

Jesus is the fullness of pure love, without a bit of harshness,  He is refreshing and enlivening, never taking away from my quality of life but always making it infinitely better.

Jesus is life ... the living water of the Holy Spirit bubbling up and overflowing in my life.

Jesus is a deep well of constant reassurance and pure love and grace inside me.

Jesus is life, joy and freedom inside me.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019


There is a radiance in the delight of God
that he is delighted with me
that he is delighted with Christ in me
that he has entered  time and space
that he has made my heart his home
my life is now his life
my resurrection happened the moment he entered my life and dwelt in me
that is my New Creation life
I am created new in Christ
not washed clean but created new
my hearts is new
my spirit is new
I now feel and know the Holy Spirit alive in me
and everything that says it is not so
has been taken away and destroyed
I am who God says I am
and the same radiance that lights up creation lives in me
never to be extinguished
but to shine in me throughout eternity
to transform me into the very image of God.

Friday, 7 June 2019

Reborn into Innocence

In Christ you were reborn into a time of innocence.

You were reborn into the goodness of God into a New Creation devoid of evil. For where there is the light of God darkness has to be extinguished. Light and darkness do not share the same space.

It is the revelation that you now in Christ, you are Holy and righteous in your Spirit and the former darkness that invaded your thinking, your desires and your actions has been eradicated by your new birth into the fulness of God.

Our past, our sin tainted nature died with Christ.

And just as the natural, nature with the abundance of yellow daffodils, Spring gives us a real picture as we see them take root and flourish in the rich phase of a new season, we now in the spirit receive the purity  and innocence of new life.

For within us even before we believed and were made new there was calling that believed in a place of joy, an existence of bliss. That we we created to be part of an eternal dance of love.

Today you have in Christ been reconciled back into the arms of your Father and the love your heart cried out has been placed into your new innocent heart.


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