Sunday, 26 April 2020


There is an earthly reasoning and there is a heavenly reasoning. 

Earthy reasoning is the reasoning that we inherit from Adam. It does not come from heaven but it originated in what our senses tell us. It comes from what we see, hear, touch, taste and smell. It associates reasoning with what we experience in our nature birthed in us through Adam. This reasoning is unspiritual, it is sensual. Out of it comes jealously,  rivalry,  contention, selfish ambition and this earthly reasoning causes confusion, unrest, disharmony and rebellion.

Heavenly reasoning is the reasoning that is birthed in us by the Holy Spirit.  It is birthed in us by faith and given to us by grace. It is a well spring of love, delight, desire and dependence of the Holy Spirit. This reasoning is spiritual and comes through the revelation light of the Holy Spirit in us.  Out of heavenly reasoning comes harmony, unity, hope, patience, lovingkindness and love. It is a waterfall of grace, that believes all good things come from God.

Earthly reasoning outside of Heaven's influence of the origin of unbelief.  Earthly reasoning teaches us to abide in our Adamic nature.  It says that God is distant, God is only available but I have to wake him up or do something in order for him to move. Earthly reasoning takes the place of Jesus at the cross and tells me that the cross was not good enough!

Heavenly reasoning is the foundation of God's grace and tells me that the cross was much more than enough. It's revelation  is that Christ is now alive within me and that I am now birthed into Christ. That Christ in me, is the hope of glory. Heavenly reasoning says that now heaven has come and that the Kingdom of God is now within me.

The difference between Earthly reasoning and Heavenly reasoning is the finished work of Christ.  It is the difference between faith and unbelief. It is the difference between union with Christ and separation in my mind. How I view the world is the difference between Earthly reasoning and Heavenly reasoning.

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