Sunday, 2 February 2020

Time is NOT the Magic Ingredient.

"He turns paupers into princes and seats them on their royal thrones of honor." - Psalm 113:8

God does not see or view us as we see and view ourselves.
The reflection we see in the mirror each morning is not the reflection God sees you.
God sees us as we are. In Christ.
God sees us as His son or daughter.
God sees us as a joint-heir with Christ.
God sees us seated in heavenly places in Christ.
God sees us glorified in Christ.

God does not see us as incomplete.
Time is Not a Magic ingredient that brings about completion.
Time is Not an an easy answer to cover up our lack of understanding.

For many, many years intellectuals have used the element of time to explain away things that they cannot explain.
Scientists believe the unbelievable idea of evolution by adding the magic ingredient of 'time.'
Just say that everything happened over 'billions and billions ' of years and anyone will believe it!
And this magic ingredient has weaved it's way into our Christian thinking.
Just because we don't feel or experience it we say that it has not happened and that in time we will!

Today you are In Christ Jesus.
You are righteous
You are redeemed
You are holy
You are innocent
You are a New Creation in Christ

The moment you came into Christ
You were set apart
You were restored
You were made whole
You were given a new heart
You died to sin
You were raised to a new life in Christ

In Christ you receive new life.
His life has replaced your old life.
Christ is the Promised ingredient that has made you instantly a New Creation.
You are now seated in heavenly places.
You are now seated on the throne of honor.
You are now blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

As Christ is NOW so now are you!

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