Saturday, 11 January 2020

The Fire of God.

The safest place to be is in the centre  of God's fire.
In the centre of God's fire the enemy is unable to stand.
In the centre of God's fire we are made invincible.
For in the centre of God's fire Christ dwells and Christ dwells in us.

The storms may ravage and bluster but you are safe in the centre of God's fire.
You are protected and sheltered in the refuge of God's fire.
For the fire of God burns with the presence of the Holy Spirit.
The presence brings us fullness of life and never consumes us.
And this fire of the presence of God is the fire of our heart.
As the psalmist wrote:-
"My heart is on fire, burning over with passion." - Psalm 45:1.

For the depths of God are alive with His passion and his delight.
His passion is consumed with His fire
His delight is filled with His fire
For the glory of God's presence is alive with His fire.
Nothing can stand before the fire of God
Nothing can stop the fire of the Holy Spirit.
In Christ we are burning with the fire and glory of God.
The fire of God dwells in us.
The fire if the Holy Spirit ignites our hearts.
The centre of the fire of the Holy Spirit is our hearts .
In Christ we have become the furnace of the fire of God.
In Christ we experience and manifested the glory and the fire of God.

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