Thursday, 10 January 2019

The Open Door of Delight - Come and Delight in Christ

Key Scripture – “ Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden?  Then come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis” – Matthew 11:28
Key Thought  – “By awakening our hearts to his presence we rest in our spiritual reality. “
Deep within every human being there is a hidden Kingdom, a realm of abundant treasure, a garden of enriched, fertile soil. Where life can be generated, seeds can be cultivated, saplings can be nourished, and beauty can be nurtured.
This hidden garden is called the heart. It is a place of mystery where hope is formed, seeds grow and mature and beliefs take hold and flourish. It is a garden birthed to feed you, to build you up and establish your body, soul and spirit into an overflowing expression of creation.
It is a unique place it cannot be defined with the mind for it goes beyond the intellect and logical thought. It is a garden of intimate desire, passionate longing and endless delight able to connect the physical with the spiritual.
In bringing the full depth of the spiritual reality into our innermost being we experience the intimacy that our longing has been craving. And it is here in our innermost being – the core centre of our belief – where emotions and mind converge,  that we choose to either open up and receive the fullness and flow of the Spirit or close down to allow only a let a trickle of his power reach us.
In opening up to the deepest knowing of the moment we allow our thoughts and inner restlessness to be stilled and our thirst and hunger begins to be satisfied. Soaking ourselves means we can begin to free ourselves from addictions, bad habits, guilt from the past and condemnation.  God’s desire is for us to be immersed in his love. For his unconditional love to be the source of our affection.  Contrary to everything that the daily life may tell us no measure of religious discipline can make up for the fire of a passionate delight in Christ.  That God so desires in us.
I am totally and utterly convinced that the delight that sets God heart alight is our desire to encounter the supernatural presence of his love. We can have a much of God as we desire. He has come close to us and we are encouraged to come close to him.
Jesus made this crystal clear, his life was a living offering of his invitation to come. Time and time again he urged us to come. :-
Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden?  Then come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis. Simply join your life with mine. Learn my ways and you’ll discover that l’m gentle, humble, easy to please. You will find refreshment and rest in me. For all that I require of you will be pleasant and easy to bear. ” – Matthew 11:28-30.
He is our oasis.  He is our refreshment and rest. He is the intoxication of our heart, the banquet of grace that our heart desires.  It is here in the place of closeness when we begin to listen to his whisper that we are restored.
By awakening our hearts to his presence we rest in our spiritual reality.  It is here that the fire of heaven is kindled inside us and we align ourselves to experience our Father’s delight in us. It is in this moment of desire that our heart is transformed from a garden of separation to a garden of pleasure. Just as Eden was a perfect place where God’s desire was transformed into his delight. In the same way,  our hearts awakened to the fire of heaven offers no resistance to the intoxication of value and acceptance that creates wholeness in our soul.  We have all grown into an earthly reality that tells us that we are separated and unloved and we constantly feel the struggle to know who we are and why we exist.  But it is in the spiritual reality we are nourished by the embrace of the father and the Kiss of our lover.
His kiss opens the door of delight. But his kiss confirms to us that our lover is not predictable. That he waits for the chance for us to step into our awareness.  He entices us to believe his love and respond to his desire. He is calls us into an effortless union where are body, soul and spirit are lost in the poetry of creation. For the good soil of our heart is the open page of heaven’s book. His desire is for every part of us to be in harmony with him.
The recognition of delight as an open door into the unconditional love of God means we let his desire be planted and rooted in our heart. When we believe that God’s desire is made complete in his delight in mankind we come in to harmonious alignment with the spiritual reality.  It is here that we are filled with his love and experience his commitment to us. In expanding our perspective to include the desire of God we move from being aware of our separation onto a place where peace, joy and fulfilment captivate our hearts.
Through the power of the Holy Spirit alive inside, we are now filled with the fullness of Christ living in us.

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