Friday, 13 July 2018

New Tricks

New Tricks

"You can't live a life worth living when it is rotten at the core "- Brian Lane - New Tricks .

Yes, God speaks through "New Tricks " on the Drama channel.
God is absoultely amazing . No matter what is happening, He wants to speak to you.
At the end of a crime drama I hear the voice of God.
That little whisper.
That little unction inside
That little word of confirmation .
The feeling inside of God.
Out of the ordinary thoughts, thoughts that you know on the inside.
It is difficult to explain.
But there is something inside you that says, listen God is speaking .
And it is here when we need our spiritual ears.
And God is constantly speaking to us in the midst of life.
And through all different noises and experiences.
We just need to listen.
And what did God say.
Yes, Brian.
If you think you are rotten at the core you will see life as a reflection of your heart.

Life is worth living when you know the truth of your heart.
For Christ has given you a New Heart and planted his fruit into your heart.
Now nourish it, nurture it and guard it.
Give the Holy Spirit the freedom to cultivate the power of the Resurrection life of Christ in you.
Unforgivenes is not you.
Forgive completely and don't let it's weeds grow.
Worry is not you. Don't let worry take root and grow.
Fear is not you. The perfect love of God is in you and fear is not yours.
Brokenness is not you. Christ has made you whole and you are complete in him.
Captivity is not you. In Christ you have been set free and delivered.
Sickness is not you. For by the wounds of Jesus you are already healed.
The Holy Spirit in you produces the fruit of all God is.

For when the life of Christ is at the centre of your core then you are Holy and Righteous at the core.
And life is worth living in all its fullness in Christ when the creator of the universe is alive and planted into our hearts.
The core of our hearts is good in Christ and His fullness is our righteous core.
We now live in the abundance of New Creation life, we are united with Him as our source, we let him flow in and through us and his life produces life in us.
In Christ we have a new centre to our lives and his love and truth reigns in us.
Now our centre is unconditional love and life is worth living.
In all its abundance.

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