Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hope by Ryan J. Rhoades

In our pursuit of perfection,
We deny our reflection
Sacrificing connection
Clouding mental perception

By the lies that we're sold
From politicians enrolled
In a system I'm told
Is as corrupt as it's old

But my heart still keeps beating
I don't know where it is leading
As I ignore all the cheating
Greed and war and the bleeding

That pollutes all our minds
With fear, pop media's lies
If the blind lead the blind
Then what's to come for mankind?

Defying all norms
We will conquer these storms
Rejecting the pain and the scorn
Embrace for what we were born

As blood fills all the streets
In my heart, hope still beats
These three things we all need
Embrace life, love and peace

So abandon pursuing
That which brings our undoing
The perfection you seek
Will leave you empty and bleak

Lost, broken, hurt and confused
Just ignore all the news
And the garbage they're selling
With all their shouting and yelling

Be the change you wish to see
Look within, trust and believe

It makes all the difference, I swear that it's true

For hope to survive, it's got to start with you.

- Ryan J. Rhoades

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