Monday, 28 July 2014

Grace Nuggets - Prune The Vine

Put the energy into the main stem rather than the side shoots.” Was the advice from Monty Don in Gardners World last week as he advised all interested grape growers on how to get the best crop from your vine.
Unknowing to Monty his wisdom with grape growing had a far more life effecting relevance.  Our life source is Jesus Christ; he was the word before time, the bread of life, the purest wine of the vine.  Our strength; our life comes from our union into Him. In Him we have the fullness of God flowing inside of us.
When we put our interests, our desires in side shoots, into other things than Christ, we slowly ooze away our recognition of his grace. The greatest strength we can have is to prune the side shoots and give strength to the stem. Christ lives inside of us, His power is inside of us, and the more we focus on Him the more we let Him work through us.

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  1. when we moved into this house we adopted 3 vines...and i have learned quite a bit on growing...pruning and cultivating the vine...pruning is not easy...but def required...


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