Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I don’t have to accept:-

My identity in Adam

The report of the Doctors

The letter in the post

The lies of the Devil

The bad news of the reporter

The remnants of my old life

The negative thoughts in my mind

The negative words of my friends

The unbelief that assails me.

I can accept:-

My identity in Christ

The grace of God

The finished work of the cross

Christ righteousness and now my righteousness

My holiness in Christ

My healing

The work of Christ in my life

The power of the Spirit in my life

The love of Christ in my life

The glory of Christ in my life

All I am In Christ.


  1. it is a choice
    on what we accept
    and what we do not..

    i think you made the wise choice..

  2. i thought this was really beautiful, made me think of shedding an old way of life and finding a new reason to go on, even in the face of loss...


    stacy lynn mar


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