Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Our Glorious King by Dave Thorpe

Our most glorious King, who’s robed in splendour,
Is Jesus Christ my great defender.

Angelic beings worship around His throne,
As praise and honour to Him are shown.

Glory to the Lord Most High, the living creatures sing,
While the four and twenty elders, their adoration bring.

This gloriously awesome, holy Son of God,
Took on the form of man, and on the earth He trod.

He came to be a sacrifice, to bear the sin of man,
Lived a holy spotless life, throughout His earthly span.

Took upon Himself our sins, in love He took our place,
So that all may have salvation, throughout the human race.

Just turn to Him and ask, forgiveness from your sin,
And He will grant you your request, and bid you enter in.

So that you may share His glory, be clothed in His great love,
And at His appointed time, you’ll be raised with Him above.

For He will keep His gospel covenant, for it is forever true,
This glorious assurance is sealed for me and you.


  1. The ultimate sacrifice for human-kind. So it is! Now we'll accord the honor with the Yultide festivities. Nicely alan!


  2. wonder if this inspired the Tomlin song 'how great is our god' as the lyrics line up in many ways...


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