Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Bride by Bill Thomas

As clear as crystal and shining like jasper,
She comes to take her place.
How long has she waited, how long has she yearned
To see her bridegroom’s face.
Her beauty like diamonds, her purity clear,
She waits for Him to appear;
No longer in thrall to the confines of earth,
For she’s waited many a year.

But who is this bride, this beauteous one,
Who waits for her suitor with pride?
Who is this queen, this princess of grandeur,
Who takes her place at His side?
She’s the true bride of Christ, she is every believer
 Made new in the Saviour‘s own blood;
Now gathered together, their lives changed forever,
As His mercy came in like a flood.

She is you, she is me, she is my family,
She’s that  girl with the long, curly hair,
She’s that man in the pulpit, that woman in tears,
That young man on his knees deep in prayer.
Every tongue, every nation takes part in her station,
And none her honour can smirch,
Her righteousness safe in the true arms of faith,
For she now dwells in Christ;  she’s The Church.

By Bill Thomas

1 comment:

  1. smiles....a nice verse...and one day he will come to claim his bride...and i hope we are ready...


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