Tuesday, 9 July 2013

From A Park Bench - Every Act of Kindness

Every act of kindness and compassion done by man for his fellow Christian is done by Christ working within him – Julian of Norwich.
The mystery of the Kingdom is that God in his fullness is now united and interwoven into the spirit of every believer. We are not distant from God, we are never alone, and we are continually in relationship with Christ, in us.
As we let our united spirit dominate our mind and emotion, we are transformed, bit by bit into the likeness of Christ, or put another way, changed from one degree of glory into a greater degree of glory.
The fruit of the spirit is there inside every believer, placed into our spirit by God’s free unmerited favor. All acts of kindness come from our spirit by and through grace.
Christ lives in us and works through us.
Whether it is making the children’s lunch, cleaning the bathroom, giving a lift to a neighbor, posting a letter, letting the car out in front in the traffic cue. Our union with Christ is so real, so interwoven that it permeates into every action of kindness that we take.
Everything grows and flourishes out of our union with Christ.
Letting ourselves identify with who we are in Christ, is the most important and life changing choice we can make, we are not just human, we have the power and life of Christ working inside.
Just let Christ work in your life, mediate on his goodness, fill your mind with his truth, and be immersed in his grace,


  1. everything grows and flourishes through our relationship with christ...that is a profound truth...and as it grows, so does our understanding and so does everything else...


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