Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Simple Things - Honour

All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words: freedom, justice, honour, duty, mercy, hope." – Sir Winston Churchill.


Margaret Visser once stated that "a person is what he or she is in the eyes of other people". Honouring each other for the actions that further and enhance society is a foundation. Every year, societies and organisations have award ceremonies; Armistice Day is a special moment when we honour those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

We also give honour to those that have influenced and changed our lives, our way of thinking, our opinions. A special place of respect to hero’s that make an impact, for me two men especially have had a profound and amazing influence on the way I understand and live my Christian life. Through the teaching of Rob Rufus and Andrew Wommack I have come into a place of freedom, understood all that God has provided for me by grace and opened up my mind to the wonderful union I have with God.

But although honour is due to human man, it is nothing to the honour, esteem and respect I have for Jesus.  I stand in awe of everything that Jesus has done for me, of all that he is, of all that have in union with him.

To place any man above God is just silly; It is Jesus that won my freedom, Jesus that gave me new life, Jesus that provided everything for me, Jesus that is the power that thunders within my heart.

In a world that gives honour, rightly to those that enhance and change the world through acts of self-sacrfice, the greatest sacrifice was made on a cross, 2000 years ago, by God through his predestined gift so that we could exchange our sinful, guilty, forlorn, hopeless life for a new vibrant, free, power filled, joyous new life with the God of all creation living inside every believer.

He is worthy of all honour and deserves our highest esteem and praise.

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  1. it is intersting who we choose to honour and what for you know...or maybe its esteem i am thinking of...but you are right...and i def understand the awe with which you see and hold jesus...smiles.

    happy wednesday alan


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