Monday, 11 March 2013

Mothers Day Poem from Dani

Mothers Day Poem from Dani

It was Mothers Day yesterday and our 9 year old daughter gave her mother a lovely hand crafted and decorated card, with her own poem.

It was so beautiful I thought it deserved a special place:-

Hundreds of kisses for a lovely mummy
Hundreds of butterflies flying by

Hundreds of flowers for a mum
Hundreds of paintings drawn for you can you see

Hundreds of happy memories floating by
Hundreds of snowflakes to say “hi”

The word mother is so special to me.



  1. the word mother is so special to the card and the poem...funny, i got scared yesterday morning...seeing mothers day posts i thought i had missed it...ours is in may though...ha...

  2. That is so lovely, Alan.
    Your wife will remember that decades later.
    And probably still have it in a drawer.


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