Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tuesday's Track - With Everything by Hillsong

Tuesdays track this week is “With Everything” by Hillsong

I love this song, it starts of with the great declaration – Glorious in all of your ways, your majesty, the wonder of your grace, in the light of your name.

Grace and Christ are the same, grace is Christ and Christ is grace. If you want to know the substance of grace, look and study the love and compassion of Jesus. In Christ, there was no condemnation for the sinner, healing for those that were sick, forgiveness to those that were lost, acceptance to those that were alienated, hope to those who were in despair, wisdom for those that were wanting direction and life to those in need of resurrection.

Let the words and melody flood over you and be immersed in the grace of God through Christ.

Open our hearts,
To see the things
That make Your heart cry,
To be the church
The You would desire.
Light to be seen.

Break down our pride,
And all the walls
We've built up inside,
Our earthly crowns
And all our desires,
We lay at Your feet.

So let hope rise,
And darkness tremble
In Your holy light,
And every eye will see
Jesus, our God,
Great and mighty to be praised.

God of all days,
Glorious in all of Your ways.
Your majesty, the wonder and grace,
In the light of Your name.

With everything,
With everything,
We will shout for your glory.

With everything,
With everything,
We will shout forth your praise.

Our hearts will cry
Be glorified,
Be lifted high,
Above all names.
For You our King,
With everything,
We will shout forth your praise.


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