Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Last night my 9 year old Dani left a message for Santa

“dearest Santa

I hope you like what we have gave you, Some milk also choclate muffin

Hope your reindeers ant tird because you haft to get round eveyboddys house don’t you?

My name is Danielle

Do you want to write a mesidge.”

“Dearest Danielle, what a special girl you are. Hope you enjoy your presents but don’t forget the greatest present of all was God’s gift to you!

Thanks for the muffin and milk! Yum yum

S x”

Great excitement as we discovered the crumbs from the eaten muffin and read the letter together.

Christmas was complete now that Santa had come.

Have a really happy Christmas and may joy, hope, grace and all the blessings of heaven, fill you, overflow to you and pour out of your life now and for ever.

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